Whether you need help moving a single load or managing your complete transportation and distribution process, your first call should be to Schilli Transportation Services. The Schilli name is synonymous with excellence in trucking, truck leasing, warehousing, and logistics. Schilli Transportation Services is your single source for a diverse group of logistics, transportation, and distribution resources.

When you contact Schilli Transportation Services to manage the distribution of your products and materials, you can expect: value, integrity, professionalism, honesty, dependability, and expertise.

Schilli Transportation Services provides professional expertise in: customized logistics solutions, tailored supply chain management programs, dedicated service plans, assistance and/or management of private fleets from equipment utilization to reviews of specific distribution problems.

Our approach is to fully understand your business and then apply the combined logistics and supply chain management expertise of Schilli Transportation Services and our affiliates to provide tailored, customer-driven, cost-effective solutions.

We look for opportunities where our competitors see only hurdles.


The history of the Schilli Companies began in 1960 after a successful merger with Garrison Elevator Company formed Schilli Motor Lines. At the time, Schilli Motor Lines was but a modest bulk carrier of fertilizer products located in the small town of Yeoman, Indiana. In 1968, Thomas R. Schilli was named general manager of Schilli Motor Lines and assumed full ownership in 1972. Upon assuming leadership, he adopted the simple business model of listening to his customers and providing them with personalized service while growing to meet their needs.

The first instance of putting this business model into practice came with the purchase of a handful of flatbeds and vans that were bought to meet customer demands. Over time, the continual addition of flatbeds and vans led to the birth of two truck lines divided by mode of transportation: Wabash Valley Transportation for flatbeds and Schilli Specialized for vans and specialty trailers. Tom Schilli would go on to create a third truck line, Wabash Valley Transportation of Texas, in response to the needs of a large Wabash Valley Transportation customer who was looking to replace 36 flatbed-pulling trucks in the state of Texas. Wabash Valley Transportation, Schilli Specialized, and Wabash Valley Transportation of Texas continued to expand and were eventually rebranded as Schilli Specialized Flatbeds, Schilli Specialized Vans, and Schilli Specialized of Texas. These three truck lines merged into a single company in 2017 under the Schilli Specialized (SSI) name.

As the truck lines grew, additional companies were formed to support trucking-related services and answer customer demand. Schilli Transportation Services (STS) was founded to manage load and order planning in addition to housing a variety of professional groups which included those specializing in accounting, finance, human resources, information technology, quality assurance, risk mitigation, and safety. The original Schilli Motor Lines became Schilli Leasing and then Schilli NationaLease (SNL) in 2013. Schilli NationaLease offered nationwide service to its customers through the NationaLease chain in the areas of truck leasing, rental, and maintenance operations. Schilli Distribution Services (SDS) was founded in 1994 to provide distribution and warehousing services with specialties in carrier management, containerization, export packaging, inventory management, and order fulfillment. Schilli Distribution Services later added on-site loading services for designated shipping locations that included trailer preloading, spotting, and tarping to its list of specialties.

Today, the four companies that comprise the Schilli Companies successfully operate in all areas of the transportation industry. A passion for helping customers, teamwork between associates and business partners, and an eagerness to adapt to an ever-changing economic landscape have allowed each company to overcome challenges and position themselves to enjoy a prosperous future.